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The real rules of the road

The first rule of the horn is that when you find yourself at a red light and there is at least one car in front of you, place the palm of your hand on the horn and get ready to honk.


Israel's driver's education needs to change, and here's why

You know what would be useful? Give us a booklet, written in proper English, when we apply to transfer our foreign license to Israeli.

Shabus transportation

Special needs toddler forgotten in kindergarten transport for 8 hours

A 2-year-old was forgotten in a kindergarten transport that was installed with a system to prevent such an incident - the driver was notified and didn't look into it.

This week in Jerusalem: Night riders

A weekly round-up of city affairs

 A "wrong way" sign (Illustrative)

Lessons from taking a wrong turn on Israel's highways

I thought I was driving on Israel's highways to work when I realized I had accidentally put in Ashkelon instead of Jerusalem. After freaking out, the only thing to was laugh.

ADI reveals next-gen road accident-prevention system

The system detects the following situations: fatigue, including closing of the eyes; in-car distractions; usage of a mobile phone; smoking; yawning by the driver.

Israeli firm ADI launches device to prevent forgotten baby syndrome

The system consists of a dedicated app and a cushion placed on the child’s seat, which are connected to Bluetooth. When the child is seated on the cushion, the system is activated.

Road 10: One of Israel's longest roads is one less traveled by

Security restrictions prohibit unsupervised civilian traffic along the scenic 182-km.-long narrow road, but the vistas looking out beyond the border fence into Sinai are mesmerizing.

Medical cannabis

THC tests are unreliable indicators for impaired driving - US Justice Dept

Last month, Israel Police finally selected a test to administer to drivers to measure THC levels after a years-long tender – but the study essentially nullifies its main purpose.

Egged bus

Bus driver assaulted after asking passenger to wear mask

In his 34 years of experience as a bus driver, Cohen says he has never seen or experienced anything like the assault he suffered on Thursday.

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