Food delivery services to get you through coronavirus the times

Now the coronavirus has us all stuck at home, here's a list of great food delivery companies to get you through it

Maafiat Hamifgash (photo credit: Courtesy)
Maafiat Hamifgash
(photo credit: Courtesy)
 Food delivery services are a luxury, but with the uncertainty that surrounds the current coronavirus pandemic, many people have come to consider them a necessity. We’ve been assured that supermarkets will remain open and that there isn’t a danger of a food shortage. With that in mind, you can find plenty of home cooking inspiration online thanks to local foodie influencers like Efrat Lichtenstadt (@lichtenstadt), The Cookie Fairy (@the_cookie_fairy) and Oz Telem (@oztelem), assuming you’ve been stockpiling eats from your local supermarkets. 
For those who are in home quarantine, less inclined to cook, or simply don’t want to leave their home for the raw ingredients needed to prepare something from scratch, here are some of the standout delivery services coming to the rescue. It’s important to note, however, that given the fast-changing circumstances of the current situation, delivery times and areas are subject to change. 
1. Shookit 
Shookit – which takes its name from the Hebrew word for market “shuk” – will keep you stocked on all your market essentials, including fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, dried fruit, artisanal coffee and a few pantry staples like sauces, pasta and rice. 
Delivery zone: Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim. 
NIS 100 minimum order. Free same-day delivery. Kosher. 
2. Piece of Nature 
Binge eating is almost inevitable given these stressful times. Mitigate the damage by noshing on sweets from Piece of Nature. Everything is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and free of preservatives. Founder Moran Naor carefully crafts all the delicacies – including cakes, cookies, chocolates, granolas and bread – by hand. There are plenty of vegan options across Israel, but few (if any) come close to Piece of Nature in terms of both taste and quality of ingredients. As a bonus, everything is beautifully packaged in custom boxes. 
Delivery zone: Gush Dan, Hasharon, Hefer Valley, Hadera, Zichron Ya’acov and surroundings, Haifa and Yokneam areas. For deliveries elsewhere, contact Piece of Nature via the website. Delivery times will be arranged with individual orders. 
NIS 80 minimum order. Free delivery with order of NIS 200 or more (NIS 30 for under NIS 200). Not kosher. 
3. Maafiat Hamifgash 
When a craving for sambusak hits, there’s no better place to call than Maafiat Hamifgash. Their baked pastries come with a variety of filling options, including vegan ones, and the bakery can also deliver pizzas, salads, bagels, zaatar pita, and more carb-heavy delights.
Delivery zone: Haifa. 
Free pickup or same-day delivery for NIS 10 (no minimum). Kosher. Call for orders. 82 Histadrut Boulevard, Haifa, (04) 841-2611; 32 Ahi Eilat Boulevard, Haifa, (04) 866-5602.
4. Delicatessen
There are hundreds of options on Delicatessen’s easy-to-navigate website ranging from ready-to-eat meats, fish and salads to cold cuts, olives, cakes, breads, pastries, sauces, as well as pantry stables and platters. Better yet, when you place an online order you can add a note (think “no sauce” or “corner piece”).
There is no minimum for delivery, but it costs NIS 29-NIS 50 within Tel Aviv, depending on the address. For areas outside of Tel Aviv, delivery costs will vary and they need to be coordinated ahead of time by calling (03) 968-1010. 
Depending on the time you place your order, you will get same-day or next-day delivery. Not kosher.
5. Dafka Taim 
Handmade in small batches, Dafka Taim will deliver items from her ever-changing list of appetizers, main courses, salads and snacks. Think your mom’s food but with less oil. Dishes include things like marinated chicken, slow-cooked beef, quinoa and spring rolls.
Orders can be placed by calling (05) 068-1872. Minimum order is NIS 230 and delivery starts at NIS 20 for Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon and Herzliya, but goes up considerably for other areas like Jerusalem and Ra’anana. 
Next-day delivery. Not kosher.
6. Nectarina 
To save money on delivery, check out Nectarina. Instead of delivery, they offer pickup (with measures in place to ensure safety in light of the coronavirus). Once on the website, choose your pickup location. Options throughout Israel including Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Modi’in and more. They will detail exactly when and where you can pick up your order. You’ll find spices, beans, grains, flours, frozen fruit, fresh juices, nuts, seeds, raw snacks, nut butters and more pantry staples on their website.
Pickup zone: Throughout Israel. 
No minimum or delivery fee. Kosher. 
7. Basher Fromagerie 
This boutique chain of cheese shops offers cheese plates and platters ranging in price from NIS 250 to NIS 650 (contact them  at 052-896-1932 for less expensive, smaller orders). Expect a mix of hard and soft cheeses, seasonal fruits, olives, dips and other small noshes that pair well with cheese. 
Delivery zone: Throughout Israel. 
NIS 120 minimum order. Delivery is free for Jerusalem and varies for other areas. Kosher. 
8. Shukrun 
Pick from a solid list of fruits, vegetables and herbs, all of which are market fresh. You’ll also find options for dried fruit, nuts and pantry staples like savory sauces, tahini and silan. Options for produce are listed with prices by the kilogram, so you can decide exactly how much you want. 
Delivery zone: Jerusalem and Gush Etzion. 
Place your order before 9 p.m. to receive it the next day. No minimum, but there is a delivery fee of NIS 20 for Jerusalem and NIS 15 for Gush Etzion. Kosher. 
9. Freshly Frozen Fruits
Freshly Frozen Fruits specializes in – you guessed it – freshly frozen fruit, and they have an impressive selection offered in one- or two-kilo packs. They’ve got everything from classics you’ll find in nearly every supermarket, like pineapple and berries, to rarer finds like plums, watermelon, apricots, coconut and a few mixed options.
Delivery zone: Central Israel. 
No minimum order, but depending on the delivery area, there is a charge of NIS 10-NIS 35. Delivery time varies based on location. Kosher. 
10. Lehamim 
Lehamim is carb heaven. Their online web store is easy to shop (there are pictures to go along with each item), and filled with plenty of options for breads, sandwiches, cakes, cookies, sweet and savory pastries, quiches and more. 
Delivery zone: Tel Aviv, Givatayim, and Ramat Gan. 
Orders can be placed online or by calling 03-561-8111. NIS 30-NIS 50 for delivery. Delivery time depends on the items selected. Kosher. 
11. Hamezaveh 
Whether you’re looking for paleo, sugar-free, organic, vegan, gluten-free or just regular staples, Hamezaveh will have you covered with their extensive inventory of health-focused buys. There’s also a changing selection of items offered on sale. 
Delivery zone: All over Israel. 
Free delivery for all orders over NIS 551. For orders under, delivery is NIS 19-NIS 29 depending on the amount ordered. Delivery times vary depending on the area. Kosher. 
12. Bana 
One of Tel Aviv’s most beloved spots may be closed for dining because of government restrictions at the moment, but they’re open for delivery with a special menu that now includes large containers of soups, salads, quiches, breads, cakes, pies and more.
Delivery zone: Tel Aviv and parts of Ramat Aviv and Givatayim. 
10% off for deliveries of more than NIS 300. Free delivery in Tel Aviv, NIS 17 outside of Tel Aviv. Call 050-699-1062 to place orders. Delivery time varies depending on area. Not kosher. 
13. Haorgani 
Support organic and sustainable agriculture with Haorgani, which delivers boxes of farm-fresh produce to your doorstep. You pick à la carte from a long list of options. Get a 5% discount for getting bi-weekly, weekly or monthly subscriptions. 
Delivery zone: All over Israel. 
Delivery time varies depending on the area. All deliveries are NIS 25. Kosher.
14. Wolt 
Wolt has something very few businesses in Israel can claim: impeccable customer service. Even in these chaotic times, Wolt, which facilitates delivery to a very long list of restaurants, has proven responsive. Download their app and browse from seemingly endless options, even amid the coronavirus outbreak. Most menu items come with pictures so you can get a sense of exactly what you will be getting, and there’s a tracker that lets you know how long it will be before your food is at your doorstep.
Delivery zone: Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ramat Hasharon and Rishon Lezion. 
Delivery times and prices vary based on the restaurant you order from. Kosher and non-kosher options.