MDA begins vaccination drive in nursing homes

Marking the distribution of vaccinations, Magen David Adom begins vaccination drives in centers for the elderly, as they become top priority.

 (photo credit: MDA)
(photo credit: MDA)
Last Tuesday, Magen David Adom began the vaccination drive as part of the "Magen Avot V’Imahot" (Parent Guard) program in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
On Monday morning, MDA teams arrived at the Migdalei HaYam HaTichon in Ganei Tikva; during the first day, about 1,000 residents and employees received vaccinations. The project is expected to reach all nursing homes and assisted living centers throughout the country.
MDA teams have much experience with the elderly population. After the Health Ministry gave the national emergency service organization the responsibility of vaccinating residents and employees of these locations across the country, MDA presented Magen Avot V'Imahot director Prof. Nimrod Maimon with a plan to implement the program. MDA teams have been specially trained to carry out the task with the utmost professionalism, with the goal of vaccinating 10,000 people a day.
Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said: "I would like to thank our partners at MDA who have begun this operation throughout the country. After ten months of a pandemic which has affected us all, it is exciting to see that vaccinations have begun. We hope that a large part of the at-risk population will have their risk lowered thanks to the vaccine."
"This is an exciting morning," Labor, Welfare and Social Services Minister Itzik Shmuli said. "The elderly population is at the highest risk during the coronavirus pandemic, and this morning brings light and optimism."
Maimon said that "the vaccination program begins today, and it is very exciting. I am sure that this will save lives. Magen David Adom has been a partner of the program since the beginning, taking samples with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, and they will continue to do so with the vaccination as well.
"I am glad we are continuing our cooperation towards the end of the pandemic," he said. "We hope that in the coming weeks, there will be no more outbreaks – and I call on everyone to be vaccinated."
"I would like to say a big thank you to the Health Minister, who gave us the confidence and entrusted us with the task of vaccinations for the elderly," MDA director general Eli Bin said. "Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] and the health ministry have brought a huge achievement to the country, with the beginning of the vaccination campaign for the elderly and making nursing homes a top priority.
"MDA started the drive with an expedited procedure for the elderly, and we welcome this move," he said. "We will do everything to ensure that the State of Israel is vaccinated in the shortest possible time, according to the highest quality and the most professional procedure."