Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom medical team members, wearing protective gear, is handling a Coronavirus test from
MDA conducted nearly 1.28 million COVID-19 tests since onset of outbreak

The 130,000-plus tests that were taken last week totals to nearly 1.28 million tests conducted by MDA since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak - within six months time.

Couple who met at violent crime scene marry three years later

It's a strange place to meet the love of your life, but it just goes to show that love can strike from anywhere at any time.

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Board of the Israel Innovation Authority and of the ISERD Steerin
Nine Israeli orgs. win EU funding under Horizon 2020 prog. to fight corona

The EU’s Horizon 2020 program urgently called for developments that will assist in responding to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Police: Friends of 19-year-old who died waited 6 hours to call for help

Ariel Tzafrir's body was sent to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. The autopsy will play a significant part in determining what really happened during that tragic Friday afternoon.

19-year-old dies after suffering from heatstroke, two others hospitalized

Ariel Yoav Tzafri collapsed on Friday after suffering from heatstroke, as well as two 50-year-olds, all within an hour of each other.

Man killed in stabbing attack in central Israel, Palestinian arrested

Shay Ohayon, 39, was named as the victim of the stabbing. The Shin Bet is interrogating the Palestinian suspect.

MDA medic walks man through wife’s birth en route to hospital

Now I finally hear for myself the baby crying and I also hear the MDA ambulance siren, both at the same time. You almost can’t tell which is which. But both sounds are a relief for everyone.

3-year-old pronounced dead after being forgotten in car by parents

The child was rushed to the hospital earlier on Friday after he was forgotten in a locked car for nearly an hour in the village of Sallama in northern Israel.

MDA paramedic delivers his own baby in middle of shift

"From the day my wife found out she was pregnant, our sons laughed and raised the possibility that I would be on duty," Abraham said.

Eilon Atel was saved by paramedics Feras Rayes and Amit Orenshten after suffering a heart attack whi
Medical miracle: 13-yr-old who suffered heart attack saved by MDA

The team carried out chest compressions as agonizing minutes dragged by, in addition to administering medication and electric shocks via a defibrillator.

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