MDA launches 'Corona Guardians' program to break the chain of infections

The new Corona Guardians learn about the virus and the ways of infection and avoidance, while emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing.

MDA Corona Guardians  (photo credit: MDA SPOKESPERSON)
MDA Corona Guardians
(photo credit: MDA SPOKESPERSON)
Amid the coronavirus crisis currently shaking Israel, Magen David Adom launched the "corona guardians" project in which the organization is training the public to learn how the virus works and how to break the chain of infections among their family, friends and co-workers.
The organization's youth volunteers were also trained to assist the public by handing out masks, sharing information and teaching them to take responsibility.
"Magen David Adom has engraved on its banner to fight the spread of the coronavirus and work to prevent the chain of infection," MDA director-general Eli Bin declared. 
"As part of the project, we invite the public to learn free of charge in an electronic and short course on the coronavirus. The course also teaches the public to reduce and keep track of exposures, which assists in the epidemiological investigation in case of an infection," MDA deputy director-general for community Dr. Eli Yaffe explained. 
"MDA's youth volunteers have been distributing masks to the public and helping them learn about the pandemic and prevention methods to raise public awareness and help break the cycle of infections."
As part of the program, the new Corona Guardians are learning about the virus and the different ways of infection and avoidance, while emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing, according to the Health Ministry guidelines.
Those who complete the training will keep a personal diary in which they will record their interactions during the last 14 days, with the aim of interrupting the cycle of infection and significantly reducing the cases of exposure to the virus in case of infection.
MDA Corona Guardians (Credit: MDA Spokesperson)MDA Corona Guardians (Credit: MDA Spokesperson)
"Recently, we have been holding a lot of activities aiming to prevent the cycle of infection at the height of the second wave. We learn about the virus as much as possible in order to teach the public, who are very naturally stressed, as much knowledge as possible," said Adi Raanan, a 17-year-old youth volunteer from MDA's Jerusalem Region who participated to the program. 
"We are here to explain, raise awareness and help. Even if I am not on duty on the ambulance and saving lives directly - I feel that through advocacy I do it in a different way: through mission, guidance and advocacy."
Today, if a person does not feel well, he goes to the doctor, waits for an appointment, is sent for a corona test, waits for the results. If the answer is positive, only then does the epidemiological investigation begin. 
The diary kept by the Corona Guardians is intended to reduce the cycle of infection, and if necessary, will help to update quickly, immediately and effectively all those people to whom the patient has been exposed in the last 14 days.
"Together, hand in hand with the general public and while raising awareness - we will work against the coronavirus, in order to drastically reduce the number the infections," Bin concluded.
In addition, Corona Guardians will teach in educational settings and "community days" for the public about the importance of adhering to the guidelines.