Children are returning to school in Israel amid the coronavirus pandemic. August 24, 2020.
Education Ministry presents plan to reopen schools

Some 1,617 fines were issued for violations of coronavirus regulations on Sunday.

Members of the Unemployed Union in Israel protest outside the Tel Aviv Government Complex, calling f
Almost 1m. Israelis unemployed, half below the age of 34

The report revealed that during the month of September, both women and young people were more likely to file for unemployment, and at rates higher than even during the first wave.

MDA Corona Guardians
MDA launches 'Corona Guardians' program to break the chain of infections

The new Corona Guardians learn about the virus and the ways of infection and avoidance, while emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing.

Jerusalem homeless
Sexual abuse doubles, homelessness up 70% for youth amid coronavirus - report

Poverty, unemployment and food insecurity, paired with widespread anxiety and fear, have influenced the rise in violence and abuse. Elem participant: "People like us can die from staying at home."

Risks and rewards among the aging

How can we, as a society and as family of older adults, find the balance between protecting and respecting?

Beit Darna - A safe home for extreme at-risk youth

Darna's entire purpose is to rehabilitate extreme at-risk youth and help them integrate them into society.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
Rivlin grants prestigious volunteerism award to Special Hessed Unit

It all started in 2009, with two guys looking to help and a bonfire.

Teens exercising in groups are more mentally resilient amid COVID - study

Participation in group sports, even over virtual platforms such as Zoom, was found to aid in both physical and mental resilience.

Yom NCSY concert
Orthodox youth group removes name from Jewish Black Lives Matter statement

The removal of NCSY means that no mainstream Orthodox Jewish group remains among the letter of support's 600 signatories.

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