Yom NCSY concert
Orthodox youth group removes name from Jewish Black Lives Matter statement

The removal of NCSY means that no mainstream Orthodox Jewish group remains among the letter of support's 600 signatories.

Counselor in Israel Scouts (Tzofim) speaks with youth, 2010
Youth once again left behind as budget crisis threatens youth movements

Hundreds of workers have already been fired from youth movements and some of the movements are facing the possibility of needing to close down completely due to the lack of a budget.

Israeli and Emirati youth conduct first direct dialogue

Since Israel’s establishment in 1948, it has endured hostility and isolation from most of its neighbors and the region.

An empty classroom
Finance, Education ministries approve plan to save at-risk youth programs

The announcement comes a day after hundreds of teachers and students in the HILA and Karev programs protested in Tel Aviv and a number of unions threatened to strike unless the programs were saved.

A GROUP of junior high school students are demanding the government fulfill its educational duty to
Teachers, students to protest planned closure of at-risk youth programs

"As I found a door to a place of learning that understands me, to a home, the government wants to slam the door of that home closed to me and 8,000 of my friends and to throw us on the streets."

This poster, calling on people to sign a petition demanding the reopening of facilities for youth at
Israel shuttering programs for at-risk youth due to budget crisis

The Education Ministry announced in July that the youth programs would be frozen due to the budget crisis and a lack of about NIS 4 billion needed for the programs.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv
Smoking youth is more prone to coronavirus - new study finds

When it comes to teens who smoke both regular and e-cigarettes, their chances of getting infected with coronavirus are even higher - up to seven times more.

How Israel's youth managed life under the coronavirus

Numerous young Israelis succeeded in overcoming the fear and the uncertainties that came with the coronavirus,

People wearing protective face masks use a smartphone on a street amid coronavirus (COVID-19) concer
Youth more affected by coronavirus than elderly in Jewish community study

Seniors reported to have had less stress at the hand of mental health decline caused by social isolation than youth, in addition to more financial ease.

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