Singing teacher helps children cope emotionally with lockdown - watch

Adam Parker incorporates songs into his short social-emotional lessons, designed to help children deal with stressful times.

Adam Parker, the singing psychologist (photo credit: SCREENSHOT/YOU TUBE)
Adam Parker, the singing psychologist
(photo credit: SCREENSHOT/YOU TUBE)
A school teacher has been helping children cope emotionally and psychologically with the effects of the coronavirus lockdown by posting a series of short lessons to YouTube teaching skills which can be transferred over into every day life.
Adam Parker has taught at every level, from elementary school all the way up to university, using music to make social-emotional skills more relatable. Each of his videos features a short lesson on well-being skills such as yoga, journaling feelings, or handling criticism, and concludes with a short song.
"Just listening to music can calm our nerves, help us smile more and better understand our feelings," Parker says, adding that music "allows us to relax, have fun, and better remember things we are learning."
Since the coronavirus lockdown began five weeks ago, Parker has posted five new YouTube lessons every day. His aim is to help as many families as possible learn the skills that allow children to cope with emotionally difficult times, setting them on the path for healthier lives.