Technion faculty members win prestigious EU awards

Two professors from the Technion won a total of $3.7 million in grants awarded by the European Research Council.

Technion–Israel Institute of Technology (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Technion–Israel Institute of Technology
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Dr. Netanel Korin of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Prof. Emanuel Milman of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Technion Institute of Technology have received European Research Council (ERC) grants for their work in their respective fields, with the combined grants totaling approximately $3.7 million. 
The ERC Consolidator Grants are among the most prestigious awards allocated by the European Union. They have awarded grants to over 300 participants from the 2,400 research proposals submitted in 2020, with Milman and Korin among those awarded.  
Korin was awarded for the development of technology in the treatment of brain aneurysms. In the past, such treatment was only possible by opening the skull. Nowadays, more advanced treatments do not require such methods.    
Milman was awarded his grant for research into isoperimetric inequalities, the field of combining geometry and analysis, which is aimed at understanding the interaction between volume and surface area. 
This news comes only a week after the Technion reported that they had invented a rapid and simple COVID-19 test for work and home.
Furthermore, just last month, the institute had another huge achievement, where the students of food engineering and biotechnology defeated students of other European universities in a science competition.