Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Solving the world’s biggest challenges? Just a normal day at the Technion

The American Technion Society have produced the Booklet of Wonders: a fascinating insight into just some of the mind-blowing innovations that have come from the brilliant institute.

Technion breakthrough for better drug delivery and tissue implantation

Researchers develop ultrasound for non-invasive method for bio-printing live cells and tissues deep within the body.

Technion team discovers important adaptive strategy of the microbiome, impacting immune system

The study focused on species of the Bacteroidales order, some of the most abundant species in the human gut microbiome.

Israeli Technion prof. wins prestigious, $1 million Turing Award

Prof. Avi Wigderson, leading theoretical computer scientist and Technion alumnus and honorary doctorate recipient, wins ‘Nobel Prize of Computing’ for contribution to theoretical computer science.

Intestinal bacteria changes in reaction to inflammation, effecting immune system, study finds

The study focused on species of the Bacteroidales order, some of the most abundant species in the human gut microbiome.

Israel from space 1

Israeli researchers want to build a space parasol to cool Earth, mitigate global warming

Rozen and his team say scientists already have "all the pieces needed" to return to pre-Industrial Revolution temperatures.

The Technion in Haifa ranks first in Europe in registering patents in the US

The Technion's patent portfolio currently includes 1,815 registered patents and patent applications.

Arab students at Israeli universities facing punitive actions for support of Palestine

Coexistence affairs: “Should the perpetrators of such hate speech be protected by freedom of speech? Should they be allowed to share a classroom with the victims of the atrocities they praise?"

Technion opens 18 new nursing rooms for mothers in academics

“The welcome growth in the number of women studying at the Technion means that it is all the more important to provide the new mothers among them with suitable and respectful conditions for nursing."

American, Israel foundations collaborate, build cancer-research center for Technion

The goals of the gift are cancer research and human health, using a multidisciplinary approach and relying on all the Technion’s capabilities and its close ties with hospitals

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