Allies of the Machane Yehuda market stand empty due to coronavirus
As higher education confronts COVID-19, edX provides unique success model

The free-for-all online education NGO, with over 32 million users, is engaged with Israeli universities to ensure students and teachers could work, no matter what.

Childhood events can affect fertility, Israeli scientists say

The study explored the role of epigenetics in reproductive functions. The discipline studies the chemical modification of specific genes or gene-associated proteins of an organism.

Blood Test
Researchers finds new way to accelerate blood test analysis by 98%

The blood test is completed in just 30 seconds, thus shortening the process by about 98% and reducing its cost by a similar rate.

A microscope photograph of an epidermis in the laboratory at the Institute for Stem cell Therapy and
Nature provides inspiration for researchers developing selective membranes

Current synthetic membranes are effectively microscopic sieves, but Technion researchers hope that in the future they will be able to choose which molecules to let through.

Israeli scientists developing clean solar energy through photosynthesis

The two teams claim that their new findings, which they published in the 'Journal of Materials Chemistry A,' could be a big step toward making solar BIOcells a mainstream, clean energy source.

Super-resolved image of mitochondria rendered as a 2D histogram. Scale bar 5 μm.
Technion breakthrough unlocks secrets of cells in 3D for first time

To solve this problem, the researchers turned to the field of deep learning, developing an artificial neural network capable of formulating its own solution

Technion students conduct first test flight for a 3D printed aircraft

The A3TB signals a breakthrough in the design of a flexible-wing aircraft manufactured using a 3D printer.

Technion University student develops self-healing electronic skin

According to the Technion, Muhammad Khatib, inspired by the biological healing process of the human skin, decided to adapt his elastomer into an autonomous self-healing system.

Technion delves deeper into oximetric data to improve COVID-19 treatment

The researchers have developed a new set of tools to analyze the data collected by oximeters, which monitor oxygen saturation levels in a patient's blood.

The quantum microscope
Israel’s new quantum microscope will improve cell phone screen sharpness

Watch! "This will enhance screen resolution and color contrast even more than current technologies enable.”

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