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leonardo dicaprio golden globes

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in startup from the Technion

The company reportedly offers a solution to reduce the negative impact of the production of industrial beef, as global meat consumption is projected to grow within the next few decades.


Israeli, German researchers develop new method to produce membranes

A new method for fabricating membranes will provide a new, versatile and accurate tool for filtering particles.

Technion researchers make breakthrough in Alzheimer's Disease research

Researchers from the Technion and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) made an artificial molecule that could slow the development of Alzheimer's.

Nano 'vehicles' could deliver meds to treat brain trauma, disease - study

Researchers from the Technion and the Houston Methodist Research Institute have developed microscopic machines that can deliver drugs to parts of the brain in order to treat injuries and diseases.

Technion researchers cure mice of diabetes in novel trial

New research investigates the use of an autograft of muscle cells engineered to take in sugar at increased rates in mice with type 2 diabetes. 

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at Technion University.

Technion researchers develop innovative way to create nanowires

The findings pave the way for future research on growing one-dimensional inorganic complexes, and the results have numerous possible applications.

Technion and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital bring pediatrics to the future

The Technion and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are working on combining advanced technology with medical expertise in order to revolutionize children's healthcare.


Technion and UNC researchers develop algorithm for automated surgery

The Technion's Dr. Oren Salzman and Prof. Ron Alterovitz and Mengyu Fu of UNC developed an algorithm to safely steer surgical needles along computer-mapped trajectories.

Israeli universities revving up for student race car competition

The inaugural Israeli Formula SAE Race, slated for October 20-21, will feature The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a joint news conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (

Angela Merkel to visit Israel on Sunday

Angela Merkel will visit Yad Vashem and be awarded an honorary degree from the Technion.

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