Treatments for the coronavirus are being developed by Hebrew U and Yissum

While new innovations have been proposed to the Israel Innovation Authority, other already existing methods have already been re-purposed for the goal of fighting the coronavirus.

A medical team performing Alpha Tau treatment (photo credit: ALPHA TAU MEDICAL)
A medical team performing Alpha Tau treatment
(photo credit: ALPHA TAU MEDICAL)
A variety of treatments to combat the coronavirus have been developed, and are continuously being explored by research teams at Hebrew University and start-up companies belonging to Yissum, HU's technology transfer company. 
Researchers submitted proposals of investigations into AI drug discovery, biochemical detection tools and diagnostic capabilities to the Israel Innovation Authority last Thursday. 
“Among the early stage technologies currently being developed are creative ideas spanning drug discovery, MedTech and medical equipment as well as systems to better diagnose and treat coronavirus," said Dr. Itzik Goldwaser, CEO of Yissum.
"Our researchers have proposed a large number of ideas that include re-purposing current drug treatments, face masks that can actively kill the COVID-19 virus, and even plant-based diagnostic tools and treatments," he continued. 
In addition to newly proposed innovations, many Yissum subsidiaries have already adjusted existing methods and technologies to fight the virus. Among them are Envilex and Pepticom. 
Envilex has developed a medication that has the potential to treat severe symptoms caused by the virus, such as organ failure. Pepticom is implementing its AI technology on various coronavirus proteins and the ACE2 to identify novel inhibitors that can fight SARS CoV-2.
Yissum serves as a bridge between cutting-edge academic research done at The Hebrew University and a global community of entrepreneurs, investors and industry. With partners all over the world, their goal is to serve society by converting extraordinary innovations and technologies into solutions that address the world's most urgent challenges.