Research and development

University of Haifa.
U of Haifa receives $1.15m. donation to support Israeli musicians

The donation is the latest contribution to the university's broader mission of community building and urban development across northern Israel.

Scientists find a new plastic eating bacteria

Reports of scientists finding bacterial bugs, enzymes, or even caterpillars that eat or break down plastic have been heard before, so what makes this one different?

A medical team performing Alpha Tau treatment
Treatments for the coronavirus are being developed by Hebrew U and Yissum

While new innovations have been proposed to the Israel Innovation Authority, other already existing methods have already been re-purposed for the goal of fighting the coronavirus.

TAU researchers use intentional structural defects to manipulate texture

The researchers created a complex metamaterial construct with 3D printing, and added intentional defects in the structure to show how they influenced the response.

ISRAEL’S FIRST prime minister, David Ben-Gurion
Ben-Gurion: Warts and all

Academic Tom Segev gives a no-holds-barred view into Israel’s hallowed founder.

BIRD Foundation okays $1 million grant for Israel-US drone project

The collaboration between BWR Israel and Easy Aerial USA will allow one operator to simultaneously operate multiple drones with several different tasks from an advanced command center

Israeli researchers discover 'blue dye' to repair hearts after attack

"Because Chicago Sky Blue is non-toxic, we think it might be tested to prevent further damage following the initial injury of a heart attack."

Adama establishes NIS 12m. research center at TAU

Under the program, researchers and students from Israel and abroad will be trained in advanced degrees in the field.

Ben-Gurion University develops miracle molecule for fighting Lupus

NIBN, BGU and NIH researchers make breakthrough in the 'Fight to Cure Lupus: A Proof of Concept in an Animal Model', reported in the prestige journal Science.

Turkish Navy engages with Israeli research ship, deporting it out of Cyprus

Turkey does not have jurisdiction over the area of the Mediterranean Sea in which the researchers were working.

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