Urgent - LAST HOUR to donate and help save child with cancer

Lev has neuroblastoma. Without treatment, he will die.

Lev is a 3-year-old-boy with cancer. Please help. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Lev is a 3-year-old-boy with cancer. Please help.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Rachashei Lev and The Jerusalem Post are partnering to raise funds to help pay for the treatment of Lev, a three-year-old boy who has neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer that mostly affects babies and young children.
Lev suffers from a swollen, painful tummy, weakness, numbness, fatigue, loss of energy and deep, excruciating bone pain. 
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When he was diagnosed a year ago, his family was proactive and immediately traveled from Ukraine to Turkey to get medical care.
At first, they thought it was working. But after several months it was proven to be ineffective and the cancer returned.
His doctors then sent him to Israel, where he can receive life-saving treatment at one of the local hospitals - but it is very expensive. The total cost of medical care is upwards of $500,000.

The cost does include accommodations for him when he is not in treatment or for his parents, who have rented a small apartment near the hospital. An 8-year-old sister is being cared for by grandparents back in Ukraine.
The family already sold their home to pay for Lev’s treatments. 
They cannot afford anymore, they cannot find the money to start these life-saving treatments. 
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We are asking you to please help - a donation of any size can make a huge difference.
Our campaign ends on January 31. Please give. 
This article was written in cooperation with Rachashei Lev.