Bringing America to Israel

Build your dream American home in Ramat Givat Ze'ev

Hish_020512_A (photo credit: Nofei Israel)
(photo credit: Nofei Israel)
To live in Israel is a dream for so many people. But how does one turn this dream into reality? 
If you've always had a deep yearning to move to Israel, you now have an exceptional opportunity to build the home of your dreams there, with ease, personalized guidance and American familiarity. A prestigious residential project is taking shape, offering American families an extraordinary standard of living, in the most extraordinary of locations. The project is called Ramat Givat Ze'ev and it is being developed by Nofei Israel, a renowned Israeli real estate company.
Ramat Givat Ze'ev is located just a fifteen minute drive from the northern outskirts of Jerusalem, amidst the spectacular views of the Jerusalem Mountains. Adjacent to the well-established city of Givat Ze'ev, Ramat Givat Ze'ev is the second phase of Nofei Israel's large-scale vision. The building of the first phase, known as the Old Givat Ze'ev, began four years ago and consists of 700 housing units. All of these units were snapped up immediately and to date, 350 frum families (30% American) have already moved in and the community is flourishing. The area of Ramat Givat Ze'ev neighbors this community and will comprise of 450 housing units, 80% of which are designated for American families.
"Our expectations for Ramat Givat Ze'ev are huge," comments Hanoch Kass, founder and partner of Nofei Israel. "This project is the first of its kind in Israel. Never before has such an area been developed especially for frum American families, right on Jerusalem's doorstep. The vast space, clear mountain air and beautiful scenery, together with the incredible potential for large and spacious custom-made housing, all make Ramat Givat Ze'ev an altogether irresistible place to live." 
Ramat Givat Zeev
Ramat Givat Zeev
The ideal location of Ramat Givat Ze'ev will enable people to enjoy the best of all worlds. Jerusalem is in close proximity and is easily reachable through two main highways, thereby providing Ramat Givat Ze'ev residents easy reach to all the advantages the city has to offer. At the same time however, the tranquility of Ramat Givat Ze'ev's small-town suburban lifestyle with its sizeable housing and expansive surrounding areas, will provide families with an exceptional quality of life that they wouldn't be able to find in Jerusalem. 
The housing potential in Ramat Givat Ze'ev is extraordinary. 450 housing units will dot the beautiful landscape, the majority of which are 'build-your-own' villas. Families will have the opportunity to design, create and innovate to their hearts' content. These private homes start at 2200 square feet and will be custom-designed according to the individual preferences of the buyer. Representing true innovation, these semi-attached private homes will offer flexible interior layouts and huge garden space. Nofei Israel has its own team of recommended architects, interior designers, builders and other expert professionals to assist buyers at every stage if they wish. Each parcel of land is also backed by a full banker's guarantee.
"We understand that when people in the United States are thinking about moving to Israel, familiarity, comfort and high quality standards play an important part in their decision," explains Kass, who himself comes from an American family. "What we're offering in Ramat Givat Ze'ev is exactly that. Families can build their own custom-made homes which meet all their specific criteria and comforts. The homes will be large and exquisitely designed, and we’ll be there to assist them throughout the whole process.” 
More than just housing, Nofei Israel is committed to developing the social and communal elements of the community too, as it does in its other residential projects throughout Israel. Ramat Givat Ze'ev is set to feature an abundance of community and family services. New and modern facilities will grace the tree-lined neighborhood, and will include several shopping centers, medical centers, mikvehs, shuls, a community center and a variety of educational institutions, all suiting the needs of the American community. Employment opportunities will also be available for the American immigrants in the nearby industrial area that Nofei Israel is currently developing. 
Ramat Givat Zeev
Ramat Givat Zeev
What’s more is that because Ramat Givat Ze'ev will be a brand new neighborhood with a brand new community, its residents will be able to define and create the community as they envision it. Friends can build homes next door to each other, and can together create a flourishing and thriving community. In fact, Nofei Israel is currently in dialogue with a few rabbis and communities in America about bringing groups of families to Ramat Givat Ze'ev together as a unit. “The area is currently an empty canvas waiting for its first splashes of color,” explains Kass. “We’re excited to see how Ramat Givat Ze'ev develops, and we have high hopes for it. If any of our other developments across Israel are anything to go by, we are certain this one will be a success story too.” 
Nofei Israel builds and promotes residential projects throughout Israel. These include hotels in Teveria, a resort village in Yavniel and residential projects throughout Jerusalem.