IDF to distribute gas masks in North

Amid growing tensions, the Home Front Command will begin a pilot program in Or Yehuda.

gas mask exercise 311 aj [file] (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
gas mask exercise 311 aj [file]
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
Amid growing tension in the north, the IDF Home Front Command will begin a pilot program to redistribute gas masks in Or Yehuda on Sunday.
Under the plan – drawn up by Col. Yossi Sagiv, head of the Home Front Command’s Gas Mask and Protection Kits Department – the masks will be returned to private homes by the Israel Postal Company, which beat out seven other companies in a Defense Ministry-issued tender in late 2009. Gas masks were collected from private homes starting in 2007 by a private delivery company.
The distribution is slated to take three years. Officials said that after the distribution is completed in Or Yehuda, the IDF will review the operation, implement corrections and improvements and then start distributing the kits in other parts of the country, based on operational considerations of which area is under a more immediate threat.
The public will receive the same rubber gas mask that it had in thepast with an improved filter – more effective against chemical andbiological threats Israel faces – but without the syringe of Atropinethat was in past kits.
Under the plan, Postal Company representatives will contact homeownersand schedule a time to visit and deliver the gas masks required by thefamily. Each family will be asked to pay a nominal sum of less than NIS20. The courier will also help fit the gas masks to the family membersand explain how to use them. People that prefer not to pay the fee cantravel to a distribution center, that will be located in each city, topick up their gas masks.