Mosque vandalized in 'price tag' hit

Hateful graffiti in North causes local outcry among Arab Israelis.

Graffiti on mosque 311 (photo credit: Reuters)
Graffiti on mosque 311
(photo credit: Reuters)
Residents of the Arab village Ivteen, located next to Kiryat Tivon, woke up Wednesday morning to find radical right-wing graffiti on the exterior walls of the Omat Ben-Hativ mosque.
Right-wing extremists had apparently vandalized the mosque by spraying a Star of David and various offensive statements. Among the graffiti was the decree "There will be war over Judea and Samaria." Another slogan read "this structure is destined for demolition."
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The initial investigation concluded that the vandals had slashed the tires of a number of vehicles in the village.
Dozens of residents from the local area arrived at the mosque and expressed their anger over the incident.