A delicious do it yourself New Year

Chanas honey (photo credit: COURTESY CHANA SCOP)
Chanas honey
(photo credit: COURTESY CHANA SCOP)
Nothing prepares you better for an enjoyable New Year than a well-presented dining table and a gift-to-go. This is a lovely way to show appreciation and connect with the holidays.
Pinterest.com offers a delectable collection of sweet decorations and creative ideas that will enhance your Rosh Hashana table.
Alternatively, if you want to bedazzle your home, look no further than the aesthetic flair of Rebbetzin Chana Scop, who shares her earthy creativity from the blog she posts from her busy home in northern California.
Scop explains, “Especially during a hectic time such as yom tov, finding ways to make everything look beautiful and impressive while keeping sane is key.”
The rebbetzin is a Chabad emissary in the idyllic town of Mill Valley. She blogs about her creative ideas, which she carefully designs to bring a little extra enjoyment to her local community events.
This year, rather than baking the traditional honey cake, you might consider mini-honey cakes to add a more personal touch to the sweetness of the season.
“This is the perfect size to give as a gift, favor or put in a child’s lunch box for a special day. For these small honey cakes, I bake six at a time. For the smaller sized pan, I spray baking spray so the cakes come out really easily. You can then wrap the cakes in parchment paper to slide them into cellophane bags, or you can pack them in a small box and garnish it with a ribbon or label,” she says.
“To present them at an event, place a few mini-cakes on a platter or cake pedestal, drizzle with a glaze of your choice (I like icing sugar and maple syrup), then put a knife tied with a pretty ribbon beside the plate to indicate to guests to help themselves to some decadence,” she adds.
Feeling a little more confident? Dedicate one afternoon to your kitchen and mass produce honey cakes baked in a jar. You can also freeze them before the holiday.
Scop says, “If you make a bunch for some special friends or your children, I have no doubt they will be received with grand smiles! This recipe is a favorite of mine that also has banana, making it moist and an excellent batter for these jars.”
Here are the steps, using your honey cake recipe of choice: 1. Purchase mason jars (or small glass jars).
2. Make cake batter and fill a pitcher for easy and clean pouring.
3. Pour the batter halfway into each jar (do not fill more than halfway, as the batter will rise and reach the top). If the batter does rise over the top, take a knife when the cakes cool and slice off the top so the lid will fit. Consider the drippings on the outside of the jar as providing a rustic look.
4. Place the jars on a rimmed cookie sheet for easy placement in the oven.
5. Bake according to your recipe, at required temperature and interval.
6. Remove from oven and let cool.
7. Screw on lids and garnish jar with ribbon, labels, tags or a fork.
For busy working parents, the idea of baking is a pipe dream.