25 ViZionaries: Rivka Zafrir - No. 17

Meet the entrepreneur who launched the first-ever accelerator program for ultra-Orthodox female startuppers.

 Rivka Zafrir. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Rivka Zafrir.
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Rivka Zafrir is revolutionizing Israel’s tech landscape by launching the country’s first-ever accelerator program for ultra-Orthodox female startup entrepreneurs. In the hi-tech industry, traditionally dominated by men, Zafrir recognized the need for a safe and inclusive space for female haredi entrepreneurs. After building a network of over 1,000 ultra-Orthodox women in tech, she co-founded Nera Ventures with serial entrepreneur Avital Beck to address this untapped market.

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The three-month accelerator program targets Orthodox women between 30 and 35, typically with families, and helps them transform their ideas into tech businesses. It provides crucial tools for raising funds, mentoring, and navigating the industry’s cultural nuances. With less than 10% of startups in Israel led by women and even fewer by Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox women, Zafrir is working to bridge socio-economic and cultural gaps. She aims to empower female haredi entrepreneurs and expand this initiative globally, reaching women who aspire to enter the tech industry.