Abbas again says he opposes transitional state

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas underlined his rejection of proposals for a transitional Palestinian state with temporary borders in talks Friday with Canada's foreign affairs minister. Some Israeli officials floated the idea of establishing a transitional Palestinians state to give a push to the peace process, leaving final borders to be negotiated later. But Abbas has rejected the idea, fearing a final deal would never be reached, leaving only a truncated state. Abbas met Friday with Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministter Peter McKay and reiterated that the peace process should instead follow the US-backed road map plan, which envisions negotiations leading to a final deal establishing a Palestinian state alongside Israel, Abbas aide Saeb Erekat said. "We have seen a commitment tonight from the foreign minister of Canada to a two-state solution, toward pursuing a meaningful peace process and toward the implementation of the roadmap," Erekat told reporters in the Jordanian capital after the talks.