Apology to Prof. Alan Dershowitz

 Prof. Alan Dershowitz (photo credit: Alan Dershowitz)
Prof. Alan Dershowitz
(photo credit: Alan Dershowitz)

On September 10th 2020, on 103FM radio station, Prof. Yoram Lass defamed Prof. Alan Dershowitz by linking him to the Jeffrey Epstein case during a conversation with a listener.

Consequently, Prof. Dershowitz filed a lawsuit against the radio station and Prof. Lass. in response, and immediately afterward, Prof. Lass and the radio station apologized. Later, Prof. Lass's radio show was taken off the air.

On November 8th, 2022, Ms. Virginia Lewis Giuffre, who raised the accusation that Prof. Dershowitz had sex with her, took back all her accusations against Prof. Dershowitz, withdrew her lawsuit against him and admitted that she "may have made a mistake in accusing Prof. Dershowitz."

Even before Ms. Giuffre took back all her accusations, defaming Prof. Dershowitz should have been avoided. 

We wish to clearly and plainly state: all the things that Prof. Lass said about Prof. Dershowitz were wrong and baseless. We apologize to Prof. Dershowitz for this and for the damage caused to him as a result. 

We thank Prof. Dershowitz for his longstanding contribution to Israel, and are making, on his behalf and per his request, a significant donation to the important organization United Hatzalah.