103FM anchor says Haredim should hang themselves with tefillin, suspended

Haredi MKs expressed outrage at Zehavi's comments, calling it "incitement to murder."

Man with the mic: The French Jewish DJ who moved to Israel

Now that Francky Perez has arrived to stay, he plans to continue working as a DJ and MC for private events in the American and French communities here.


Unique radio signal detected billions of light-years from Earth

A strong burst of radio waves detected in a different galaxy is the longest-lasting of its kind and may help astronomers measure universe expansion.

Tzohar Kashrut launches a radio campaign promoting their kosher brand

Tzohar CEO Yehuda Zeiderman: "This is the first commercial campaign of its kind in the Israeli kashrut world and it is possible because of the kashrut reform.”


Mysterious repeating radio signal detected from space - study

Fast radio bursts are a phenomenon in the field of radio astronomy that refers to a very short burst of radio pulse associated with the release of a very large amount of energy. 


Israeli veteran broadcaster, historian Yitzhak Noy, dies at 80

Relatives and friends had planned an 80th birthday surprise party for him, but the severity of his illness forced a cancellation of the festivities.

Wow! Signal: Origin of possible alien signal narrowed down - study

Detected in 1977, the Wow! Signal is the strongest candidate for a genuine alien transmission, but where did it come from? This study may have the answer.


Radio host Nachum Segal plans to rebuild after fire destroys studio

The studio was the headquarters for the Nachum Segal Network since 2002, where Segal hosted his popular radio show, “Jewish Moments in the Morning.”


Film about Jewish New Yorker Steve Post remembers heyday of local radio

A new documentary, premiering at the Film Forum on Friday, celebrates the life and career of the legendary Jewish radio host Steve Post.

By Julia Gergely/JTA

Remembering Mr. Gialerakis, beloved mentor and my father

Mr. Gialerakis, a beloved principal and mentor to thousands of students in Durban, was a man of letters with a velvet voice, a person of passion with so much compassion, a true gentleman and scholar.

By Antonia Gialerakis
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