Uganda military kills Islamist-linked rebel group commander

Uganda's military has vowed to keep hunting terrorists but stated that ADF fighters who surrender will be given amnesty.

 Ugandan soldiers (photo credit: PICRYL)
Ugandan soldiers
(photo credit: PICRYL)

Uganda's military has killed one of the commanders of an Islamic State (IS)-allied rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo where Kampala has been pursuing the militants alongside the Congolese military for nearly two years.

The rebel group called Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) has been based in the jungles of eastern Congo for more than two decades from where they launch attacks both within Congo and sometimes across the border in Uganda.

The commander, who was identified by only one name, Fazul, was a Tanzanian national who had been operating mostly in Mwalika valley in eastern Congo's North Kivu province, the military said in a statement late on Friday.

There was no immediate comment from the rebel group.

What is the ADF?

ADF, which was originally a Uganda-based rebel group, launched its attacks in 1990s in the west but it was soon routed by the Ugandan military which drove its fighters across the border into Congo where they have been based since.

 An ISIS member carries and Islamic State flag in Syria. (credit: NDLA)
An ISIS member carries and Islamic State flag in Syria. (credit: NDLA)

In December 2021, Uganda's military jointly with Congolese troops launched an operation against the insurgents, although its success has been mixed.

"The joint forces continue to pursue these terrorists from all corners of the jungles," Uganda's military said in the statement, adding that ADF fighters who are willing to surrender will be given amnesty.