Tragic romance: Intoxicated driver strikes couple in heartbreaking accident

A social media post on network X (formerly Twitter) exposed a shocking collision.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A video captured by surveillance cameras on the streets of Brazil circulated across social media platforms earlier this week. It depicted a deeply affectionate moment between a man and a woman caught sharing a kiss on a city sidewalk.

In the footage, 31-year-old Jonathan Ribeiro and his 26-year-old girlfriend were strolling with their dog through the streets of Sao Paulo just days ago. Pausing for a loving kiss, their idyllic moment was shattered when, out of nowhere, a speeding car careened toward them, violently colliding with the unsuspecting couple.

What happened next?

The impact propelled Ribeiro and his partner onto the pavement moments before the car finally stopped. In the video, a concerned bystander rushed towards the scene, determined to prevent the driver from escaping before the arrival of law enforcement. Subsequently, the injured couple was swiftly transported to the Campo Limbo Municipal Hospital in Brazil. Ribeiro tragically succumbed to his injuries, while his girlfriend endured a fractured shoulder and bruises to her head and legs.

Upon conducting alcohol and drug tests on the 30-year-old driver, authorities made a startling discovery. They found evidence of his intoxicated state and the presence of drugs inside his vehicle. During questioning, the driver claimed he had no recollection of the incident's details.