Germany discusses Mideast peace with Saudi leader

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was meeting with Mideast leaders on Sunday as part of a push to shore up support for renewed efforts for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Before heading to Riyadh, Merkel held talks in Egypt with President Hosni Mubarak and Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, who stressed the need to act quickly if progress is going to be made. "He (Moussa) sees a window of opportunity basically this year," Merkel told reporters after talks with Moussa. In Riyadh, Merkel met for more than an hour with King Abdullah for talks that were described by officials in the German delegation as taking place in a "good atmosphere." Like Egypt's Mubarak, the Saudi king has worked to mediate between Hamas and Fatah, locked in fighting for control of the Palestinian government since the Islamic militant Hamas ousted its rival from power last year.