Group slams Fiat over Iran with ad featuring J.Lo

Campaign against Italian automaker has been successful, United Against Nuclear Iran announces.

J.Lo (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
(photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
A campaign against Italian automaker Fiat that targeted an advertisement by Jennifer Lopez has been successful, the US-based United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) announced Tuesday.
"Thousands of our supporters have been writing to Fiat, and expressing their opposition to Fiat's continued irresponsible business in Iran," UANI President Mark D. Wallace said in a written statement.
The organization released a Fiat advertisement parody to YouTube, which the group said had garnered over 30,000 views, that took Lopez to task for advertising with the Italian company that sells its vehicles in Iran.
In the video, Lopez is seen happily driving her Fiat through city streets while  flashing graphic images that show Iran's suppression of protests and public executions by hanging.
She narrates the video listing Iranian actions like assisting al-Qaida terrorists and working to build a nuclear bomb.
She says, "I would never want that on my block, but Fiat does pay me millions. Fiat and the brutal Iranian regime."
UANI has contacted Lopez and Fiat executives "regarding Fiat's business in Iran and the Iranian regime's human rights abuses and nuclear ambitions," but said it has received no responses.