Israeli Def. Minister calls on Nikki Haley's aid... and gives her a shoe

What is the meaning of Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman's unique gift to US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley?

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman meets with US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley ( Ziv Sokolov/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv)
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman hopes the US will help Israel counter Hamas in Lebanon, he expressed to US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley Friday morning as they met at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.
In a somber reminder of America and Israel's shared struggled against terrorism, Liberman shared a list of Americans murdered by Palestinian terrorism with Haley.
Liberman also called on the US envoy to assist in the removal of a senior Hamas official from Lebanese territory, in addition to two additional activists, following their recent arrival from Qatar.
"The three individuals, headed by Saleh al-Arouri, will continue to facilitate terror attacks against Israel from within Lebanese territory. They will, at the same time, strengthen the bonds between Hamas and Hezbollah," said Liberman. "Al-Arouri is a dangerous terrorist responsible for heinous attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, and he cannot be permitted to continue to act."
Emphasizing Washington's strong diplomatic ties with Beirut, the defense minister called on the envoy to ensure that the US pressure the Lebanese government to banish the three Hamas figures from its territory and to avoid the establishment of a further terrorist command center in Lebanon.
The news of their arrival in Lebanon follows a June 3 report in Lebanese media that the Persian gulf nation of Qatar ordered all Hamas members to leave the country. The demand followed "external pressure" to act against the Gaza-based terrorist group.
Liberman and Haley also discussed the campaign of delegitimization against Israel and Hamas's ongoing failure to return the bodies of IDF soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin.
"We all remember you saying that you arrived at the UN with high heels, not for fashion but to kick those that vilify Israel," Liberman remarked, and, somewhat appropriately, he gave Haley a small gift of a miniature heeled-shoe as a way to express his gratitude.
Also on Friday, Haley visited Israel's Yad Vashem holocaust memorial and museum, and on Thursday, Haley crossed the country by helicopter from north to south, accompanied by IDF brass and her Israeli colleague Danny Danon, who briefed her on the state’s vast security challenges.