Is Donald Trump running for president?

After a poll checks New Hampshire residents' opinions on Trump, the billionaire denies a run, but says: "If I ever did, this would be the time."

donald trump 311 (photo credit: AP)
donald trump 311
(photo credit: AP)
Will Donald Trump say "You're Fired" to US President Barack Obama? The real estate magnate denied sending a poll to New Hampshire residents about a possible run for the Republican nomination, but in a Monday interview with Time magazine, he sounded like a candidate.
The survey asked New Hampshire residents 30 questions about Trump, his past donations to Democrats, and his reality TV show, and whether they would hurt or help him in a possible political campaign.
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"I've never had any interest [in running for office] before," Trump expalined. "If I ever did, this would be the time...because we've never had a country that's sunk and that's gone to levels as low as it is right now. We're getting that inferiority complex, which we've never had."
"If I were interested, I'd be a Republican," the real estate developer told Time. "They have a chance to make a big difference [after the midterms]. The last time, they blew it."
Trump also complained that the Chinese are "ripping [the US] off."
"I think I'm qualified [to be president] because I deal with countries that are taking us to lunch in a negative sense," Trump said. "I deal with Chinese. I know the Chinese. I understand the Chinese. They laugh at our stupidity. That laugh at how stupid our leaders are."
In economics, Trump said: "I am someone who looks for fairness for this country. I believe in free trade, but only if it's fair free trade."
As far as whether Trump would actually seek the Republican nomination, "we have to see what happens with the elections in November," he said to Time. "I've never seen a time that would be a more likely time than now."