Israeli journalist killed in Vladivostok

Konstantin Borovko was beaten to death by unknown assailants.

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Journalist and Jewish Agency activist Konstantin Borovko, who was beaten to death by unknown assailants on the streets of the eastern Russian town of Vladivostok over the weekend, will be laid to rest Thursday in the city's cemetery. While the motive for the assault was not yet known, Jewish Agency officials told The Jerusalem Post it was most likely a criminal act, perhaps a robbery, which quickly turned violent. Local police have yet to ascertain the identity of the assailants. An Israeli citizen, Borovko ran several projects for the Jewish Agency in the area. The 25-year-old reporter for one of Vladivostok's largest television stations, Borovko was known in the Jewish community and was a frequent master of ceremonies at community events. The attack took place on the evening of January 19, when Borovko left a night club with a friend. The two were attacked, and Borovko received several hard blows to the head which killed him on the spot. The local Jewish community and Jewish Agency officials have been helping the family following the attack, particularly with funeral arrangements. According to a Jewish Agency statement, Agency chairman Ze'ev Bielski has called on local authorities to fully investigate the murder and bring those responsible to justice.