NATO forces kill 12 Taliban in Afghanistan

NATO and Afghan troops killed 12 suspected Taliban fighters after coming under attack in southeastern Afghanistan earlier this week, NATO said Friday. An estimated 30 Taliban fighters attacked NATO and Afghan troops on a combat patrol near Rubagak in Zabul province on Tuesday, NATO said. The troops fired back with heavy weapons and an airstrike was carried out, killing 12 fighters. One soldier from NATO's International Security Assistance Force was wounded. The soldier's nationality was not identified. In neighboring Paktika province, meanwhile, Afghan and coalition forces arrested a "known terrorist" and seven other suspects early Friday in the Gorwek Valley area, the US-led coalition said. Intelligence information led the forces to the compound, where the eight surrendered. Afghanistan has seen a sharp rise in violence over the last year, and US and NATO officials say they expect to see an increasing number of suicide attacks and clashes this spring and summer.