Obama, Clinton split Jewish vote

Exit polls show Clinton winning big among Jews in NY, NJ; Obama takes 61% of vote in Connecticut.

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us special 2 224
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Hillary Clinton scored a big win among Jews in New York and New Jersey, but the picture was mixed in other Super Tuesday states.
According to the latest exit polls, Clinton won big among Jews in her home state of New York, with 65 percent of the total compared to 33 percent for Obama. Clinton also won big with Jews in New Jersey, beating Obama 63 percent to 37 percent.
Clinton also won in California, but by a much smaller margin: 48 percent to 44 percent in California.
Despite losing overall in Massachusetts, Obama won the Jewish vote in the Bay State, with 52 percent compared to 48% for Clinton. In Connecticut, which Obama won, he took 61 percent of the Jewish vote, compared to 38 percent for Clinton.
Jewish turnout was disproportionately high: Jews made up 16 percent of the Democratic electorate in New York, 10 percent in Connecticut, 9 percent in New Jersey, 6 percent in Massachusetts and 5 percent in California.
The numbers were reported by MSNBC, based on polling conducted by Edison/Mitofsky.