Survey: Distrust of Iran's intentions growing

The Islamic world and the West are deeply divided on Iran's aim in its nuclear program, with strong majorities in many European nations saying Teheran's sole objective is to build weapons and Muslim countries more willing to believe assurances of peaceful intent, according to a new survey. However, the 15-nation Pew Research Center released Tuesday found pluralities or majorities in most countries surveyed saying that if Iran were to build an atomic bomb it would be likely be used to attack the United States, Europe or Israel. "There is ... a widespread belief, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike, that a nuclear-armed Iran is likely to attack the United States or European nations," the report said. France (63 percent), the United States (74%) and Germany (65%) had particularly high numbers saying Iran would likely attack Israel if it had the bomb; in the Middle East, 65% in Jordan and 61% in Egypt said such a strike was likely. The numbers saying a strike against the US or Europe would be likely were: 63% in the United States, 48% in France and 53% in Germany; and 51% in Jordan and 43% in Egypt.