Top US diplomat: Syria is in nexus of terrorism

Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said Washington's problem with Syria is not a lack of communication between the two governments, but Syria's habit of dabbling in terrorist activities throughout the Middle East. At an event hosted by the New York City Asia Society, Burns said Washington's isolation of Syria has put the country "in the deep freeze." "They're not going to derive the benefits of a normal political or economic relationship with the Sunni Arab states, or with the EU states or with the US as long as they continue to be caught in the nexus of terrorism, along with Iran, in supporting those major Middle East terrorist groups that have such a negative effect on Israel, the Palestinians and Lebanon," he said Monday. "What most of us are trying to do is look for solutions to the problems in the Middle East, and what Syria and Iran appear to be doing is looking to divide, and looking to create and instigate conflict," Burns said.