Trump uses Nazi imagery in presidential campaign poster

Following an avalanche of criticism, the campaign blames the mistake on an intern.

Donald Trump campaign deletes tweet after using Nazi imagery (photo credit: DONALD TRUMP'S TWITTER PAGE)
Donald Trump campaign deletes tweet after using Nazi imagery
Republican presidential candidate and former NBC game-show host Donald Trump found himself once again enmeshed in a bit of controversy Wednesday, this time for tweeting an image of his new campaign poster featuring his face above Nazi Waffen SS-soldiers, according to AFP.
After a slew of jeers and criticism bombarded the presidential hopeful's official Twitter page, lambasting Trump for his inability to distinguish between American and Nazi soldiers- responsible for the death of 6 million Jews during WWII- a spokesman for the Trump campaign responded to the controversy by blaming the error on an intern.
"A young intern created and posted the image and did not see the very faded figures within the flag of the stock photo," she said in a statement, adding, "The intern apologized and immediately deleted the tweet."
The mistake was first pointed out by former US Army War College Professor John Schindler, pointing to specific symbols worn only by Waffen SS-Soldiers, highlighting the camouflage uniforms and eagle insignia worn on the left arm.
"If you know your German uniforms it's very obvious," he said.
"This could happen to anybody ... when you have social media interns who don't know anything about history and who are clearly not doing any research," he said.
This latest flub comes on the heels of recent controversial remarks made by the outspoken candidate in reference to Mexican immigrants, commenting  that they're "bringing drugs, crimes and rapists" to the US.
Some polls have Trump as the current front-runner amongst a long list of Republican presidential candidates, according to AFP, putting him ahead of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, son and brother of two former presidents.