US: Anti-Castro Cuban militant to leave jail

Anti-Castro Cuban militant Luis Posada Carilles was to be turned over to immigration authorities Thursday once he was let out of jail on bond, a US Marshals Service spokesman said. Posada, 79, was being held in an Otero County, New Mexico, jail on charges that he lied in a bid to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. A federal judge in El Paso, where the case is being heard, last week ordered him freed on $250,000 surety bond with property put up as collateral. The aging militant's wife and adult children were ordered to sign a $100,000 appearance and compliance bond to ensure that Posada would appear for his scheduled May 11 trial. He will also be electronically monitored if released. Jerry Payan, a supervisory deputy US Marshal, said Posada was in the process of completing all the required paperwork Thursday morning, but would not immediately be set free because of an outstanding deportation order.