US man files lawsuit against 'the Jews'

The plaintiff is no stranger to odd lawsuits.

Scales of Justice symbol (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Scales of Justice symbol
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
 An unusual suit was filed in federal court this week, as a Mississippi man claimed $10 million in damages from ''the Jews'' after alleged surveillance and attempted murder, Above The Law reported Thursday. 
Brud Rossmann, the plaintiff, an ex-convict and allegedly a former Department of Justice attorney and Harvard Law graduate, filed the suit specifically against Sergey Ivanov, a business professor at the University of the District of Columbia, and then more broadly at ''the Jews'' and three unnamed individuals, listed as John Does 1-3. 
The case began with a sweeping introduction of Rossmann, who - according to himself - has an IQ of 186, was given "excellent reviews" during his tenure as the manager of an investment fund,' and described himself as holding ''possibly Best in World investor status,'' among other accolades. The complaint also notes Rossmann's history of homelessness and joblessness but claims his net worth to be around $65 million. 
The sixth article of the complaint reads: ''Brud Rossmann brings the most unusual and truthful of complaints for the twisted psychopathology and idiocy of the named and associated defendants, all skewing Jewizz (sic)." He makes use of several other offensive and otherwise derogatory statements for different social, sexual and ethnic groups. 
Article 14 states simply: "Cowardice, thuggery, stupidity rule the day.'' 
Rossmann's case was quickly dismissed as the judge noted he had failed to state a claim against the defendants. 
Rossmann is no stranger to bizarre lawsuits. He filed a complaint earlier this year against Ivanka  Trump - among others - and listed one of the accused in the suit as "human scum.'' The complaint, which is hand-written, includes a self-congratulatory introduction; Rossmann writes that he is an honors graduate of Harvard Law School - cum laude - and that he is a recipient of a service award for his volunteer efforts. 
He has also previously sued Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House Director of Communications, for fraud, although the suit was quickly thrown out because Rossmann could not afford the filing fee. In the complaint, Rossmann had again included his alleged ties to Harvard Law School and had stated unequivocally that he was not suffering from a mental disorder. 
He has made derogatory comments about Jews in other forums. In a 2016 post from his Facebook fan page, he wrote "I am Brud Rossmann, not a Jew, not a piece of sh*t."