WTC site search expands after debris discovered

Forensic anthropologists digging around the World Trade Center site for overlooked victims' remains have found what appears to be debris from the towers under a service road and plan to widen the search, officials said Friday. The discovery comes amid a renewed hunt for remains of victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attack that began in October after utility crews came upon some bones in an abandoned manhole, which had been paved over and forgotten along the western edge of the trade center site. With all the new paving and work that was done in the rush to finish the trade center cleanup during the spring of 2002, that manhole and a number of other subterranean pockets were never searched for victims' remains. Officials have also been eyeing the loose landfill that surrounded the manholes as another potential hiding place for lost human remains. The city recently began digging a five-foot-wide trench through that area, which is known as the haul road, to test whether the entire pathway should be unearthed and all the fill should be sifted.