'Ahmadinejad's threats harming Iran'

Reformist spokesman says calls to wipe Israel off map "unnecessary political adventurism."

ahmadinejad 224 88 (photo credit: )
ahmadinejad 224 88
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's calls to wipe Israel off the map and his systematic denial of the Holocaust are hurting Iran, news agencies reported an Iranian reformist spokesman saying Friday in Teheran. Abdullah Nasseri, spokesman for the Reformist Coalition Headquarters, called Ahmadinejad's declarations "totally unnecessary political adventurism." Nasseri said that Ahmadinejad's antagonistic and oft-repeated statements had "harmed the country." "The Holocaust is a historic event and we [reformists] do not deny it, but more important is that the issue has nothing to do with us," Nasseri continued. The spokesman said that Ahmadinejad's positions on Israel and the Holocaust had sparked international condemnation of Iran. He compared Iran's image in the world under its current regime to its image during the presidency of RCH founder Muhammad Khatami. "Under [Khatami], the name of Iran was raised in the UN for its peace-promoting initiative of dialogue," he said. The RCH plans to gather all Iran's moderate and reformist parties together to run against Ahmadinejad's party in the March 14 presidential elections.