Britain doesn't rule out Iran strike

But Brown says UK will do all that is necessary to strengthen sanctions first.

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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not ruled out a military strike on Iran, the newly appointed premier told reporters in London on Monday. "I believe that the economic sanctions imposed on Teheran will be effective, but I wouldn't… rule out action of a different kind," he said. In his first interview from 10 Downing St., Brown expressed hope that the United Nations Security Council will approve additional sanctions on the Islamic republic in the near future. Asked whether he would consider an offensive that would target Iran's nuclear program, Brown said that he "isn't one of those [people] who say they rule out this option." However, Brown said that he still thought UN sanctions were effective. "Soon, a decision will be made regarding Iran and I believe that this path will continue to be efficient," said Brown. "The UK will do all that is necessary to strengthen these sanctions," said the prime minister.