Eye on Iran: The true threat

The conflict can be avoided in the short run if the prejudices of free countries can be set aside. Posted by Chaim Grosz.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Chaim Grosz. Iran's declarations of their need to become a nuclear power is being obscured by reasoning other then their desire to "wipe Israel off the map." Iran knows that the current unrest in the Moslem world has nothing to do with Israel or with land rights, as evidenced by the Iran-Iraq war fought for eight years 20-25 years ago, but is a direct threat to the ideals of any country wishing to be governed either by a democracy or having an Islam-oriented government with secular-tolerant leadership. The conflicts raging in the world in Africa, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and other countries that have a Moslem community are of a religious nature which pits Islamic theocracy and religious values against any and all other ideologies or beliefs. The religious Islamic leaders are driven by a sense of a divinely required need to impose their religious doctrine through the "Sword" and have the world becoming subservient and being subjected to Islamic domination. The ongoing unprovoked acts of terror is not a quirk, nor is it the mechanisms of a few misguided Islamic zealots, but is a continued war of ideologies that has been raging since the conflict initiated by Mohammad and his followers back in the 6th Century. Never in recent history was Iran involved in oppressing their Jewish citizens; it was not until the ascension of the Islamic theocracy that the Jews - and in particular Israel - were targeted by Iranians spewing their vile threats of "wiping Israel of the Map." Is this threat credible? Maybe. Is it practical? Not in the least bit. The Iranian threat against Israel is just a method used by them to realize the Moslem dream of their religion and the theocracy of Islam becoming the dominant governing entity that rules the western world. Iran, realizing the deep-seated hatred by the Moslem world against Israel, believes that by proclaiming that if they are successful in attaining nuclear capabilities, such will be used towards the destruction of Israel, thinking it will provide them with the unwavering support of the Islamic world. Iran's true intention is to become the one and only dominant force in the entire Middle East, the one and only force to be the supplier of oil to the world, to thwart any threats emanating from the free western countries by utilizing the theory of MAD (mutual assured destruction). This is the real threat if Iran becomes a nuclear power. Iran does not have to suffer the assured retaliation of Israel if it should be stupid to bomb Israel with their nuclear weapons; all it has to do is intimidate the entire Gulf oil producing countries. Adding to this theory is the strides and development by Iran of long distance MIRV nuclear capable missile technology which is not for use against Israel. It is primarily to directly threaten the European continent, who have a Chamberlain history of appeasement. Can this conflict be avoided? In the short run, yes, if the prejudices of free countries can be set aside, and take the necessary actions to preserve and defend the free world to trade without being intimidated. Does it require any violent warfare? Not really; all it requires is a total isolation of Iran, until it removes this threat.
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