Iran replaces Teheran University chancellor after student protest

Iran replaced Tehran University's chancellor, who was the first Islamic cleric appointed by the hard-line government to the post, with a non-cleric economics instructor after allegations of mismanagement, state media reported Sunday. The government-owned IRAN newspaper said the former university chief, cleric Ayatollah Abbasali Amid Zanjani, was replaced by Farhad Rahbar, a non-cleric who had been an economics teacher at the oldest university in Teheran. The announcement, made Saturday, comes after students at the university dormitory protested several times over the past two weeks, accusing Zanjani and his administration of mismanagement and providing students with poor food and transportation. During a ceremony Saturday marking the farewell of the cleric, Iran's higher education minister, Mohammad Mahdi Zahedi, said the replacement "was not the result of (Zanjani's) dismissal or resignation."