Medvedev: CIA Iran report 'worrying'

Russian president slams Teheran's lack of transparency on nuke issue.

MEDVEDEV 311 (photo credit: AP)
(photo credit: AP)
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday called a CIA report that Iran had sufficient uranium to build two bombs "worrying," AFP reported.
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"This information has to be checked, but such information is alwaysworrying - and all the more so because the international community doesnot recognize the Iranian nuclear program as transparent," Medvedev wasquoted as saying at the G8 summit.
CIA Director Leon Panetta said Sunday that Iran probably has enoughlow-enriched uranium for two nuclear weapons, but that it likely wouldtake two years to build the bombs.
Panetta told ABC television’s This Week that he isdoubtful that recent UN penalties will put an end to Iran’s nuclearambitions.
Hesaid the penalties could help to weaken Teheran’s government bycreating serious economic problems. But he added, “Will it deter themfrom their ambitions with regards to nuclear capability? Probably not.”