In new videos, Labor and Likud mock their opponents

Netanyahu and Gantz accuse each other of being weak on terror, while Labor mocks Likud for its primary election discrepancies.

Netanyahu and Gabbay (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM,REUTERS)
Netanyahu and Gabbay
Election season brings out candidates’ creativity. Nearly every day the competing parties release a latest hilarious and yet sometimes devastatingly accurate advertisement.
Over the weekend, the Labor and Likud parties released their latest campaign videos.
The Labor video juxtaposed voting in its primary, which took place on February 5, with the Labor primary, which took place one week later. Labor used electronic voting and was able to release results within an hour of the polls closing. In contrast, Likud allowed its 119,000 eligible voters to cast their ballots in a complicated ranking system for national and district candidates in 113 polling stations across the country – using paper ballots.
As of Sunday, nearly two weeks later, there are still questions and concerns surrounding the results of the Likud primary.
“Well done to Labor for its efficiency,” the video states.
Then it runs through a series of Likud voting mishaps:
“In Bnei Brak, there were 334 voters and Miri Regev received 436 votes,” the video reports, before the narrator asks, “So who would you trust to run the country?”
In the Likud video, which targeted former chief of staff Benny Gantz and his Israel Resilience Party, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes him for supporting the Iran nuclear deal.
“Fact: Gantz supported the Iran nuclear deal,” the video states.
Gantz is heard saying, “I see the half-full part of the glass here, keeping away the Iranians for 10, 15 years.”
The video then cuts to text that states, “Fact: Netanyahu objected to the nuclear deal.”
It then shows Netanyahu speaking before various groups as the narrator says, “He made a speech at the American Congress, sent the Mossad to Tehran to bring the nuclear archive, and convinced President Trump to exit the deal and to place sanctions on Iran.”
The clip ends with the statement, “Gantz: Weak Left. Netanyahu: Strong Right.”
Gantz and Netanyahu have continually taken shots at one another in their campaign videos.
In earlier videos by Gantz, he slams the PM’s policies toward Hamas in Gaza and his support for the 2005 disengagement from Gush Katif.
In one video, Gantz shows Israeli residents of southern Israel running for cover during an air raid siren.
“Netanyahu pays Hamas murderers $15 million every month in cash,” says Gantz in that video. “We won’t pay protection fees to Hamas. We won’t abandon the residents in the South.”
Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this article.