Not voting, won't make a difference - Man on streets of TLV

"I'm never voting."

Gil Becker from Tel Aviv, April 9, 2019 (Anna Ahronheim)
A man from Tel Aviv who would not give his name said he chose not to vote this year in the Israeli elections.
Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, he said that, "I think there is no nominee this time that can bring you, as a young adult, or someone our age... something we really need. They're talking about issues we don't relate to."
He said he acknowledges that "we need to defend our country and we need to do stuff like army," but he is more concerned with issues like economics and rent. He said that in Israel, people pay more for rent and cigarettes than in any other European country.
"You can take the money you earn here and live anywhere... and save money - but if you live here, you lose all of your money, so I think we need a nominee that really brings something that we really need," he said.
He told the Post, "I'm never voting."