Tekuma to choose Knesset list Sunday

Uri Ariel running unopposed for party leader.

Uri Ariel
The Tekuma central committee is expected to vote on the party’s representatives in the next Knesset on Sunday, three days before the Bayit Yehudi primary.
The four candidates chosen will be put in the second, ninth, 14th and 18th slots on the Bayit Yehudi list, according to an agreement authorized by the central committee over two weeks ago.
Tekuma, which used to be part of the National Union list, is set to hold a vote by its secretive central committee, which is thought to have more than 100 members, but party officials will not confirm its makeup.
Construction Minister Uri Ariel is running unopposed for party leader.
MKs Orit Struck and Zvulun Kalfa are running for the following spots on the list. Party sources say Struck is a sure thing for the next slate and may get the ninth place on the joint list, but Kalfa has a chance of losing his position.
Struck is very popular in the Tekuma central committee and one of the reasons the party decided to run with Bayit Yehudi and not former Shas leader Eli Yishai’s party was because it would not allow women on its list.
Others running are Tekuma’s former director-general Nachi Ayal, and Bezalel Smotrich, director of Regavim, an advocacy organization aimed at protecting national land. Amitai Cohen, a Rehovot city councilman, is also considering entering the race.
Only central committee members can run and one can only become a central committee member after being recommended by another member.
Smotrich just became a central committee member last week and Tekuma’s administration waived the usual waiting period before running. Party sources say he has a good chance of making it on to the party’s list.