Twitter gets in the Israeli election spirit

Social media platform introduces new hashtag emoji ahead of vote.

Twitter's hashtags for the Israeli elections (photo credit: screenshot)
Twitter's hashtags for the Israeli elections
(photo credit: screenshot)
If Israelis weren’t tweeting about the election enough, they have a new reason to do so now.
This week, Twitter unveiled a new Israel election emoji, which will appear with the use of several different election-themed hashtags.
The emoji – a small, blue, national emblem of Israel – will show up alongside five different hashtags, three in English and two in Hebrew, including #IsraelElections2019, #IsraeliElections and #IsraElections2019. Twitter said this week that it chose the emblem because it is “a symbol representing the country and its people,” in addition to being “shown on their well-known blue ballot boxes.”
The social media giant regularly introduces election emojis around the globe. In the United States, Twitter introduced an #Ivoted emoji – a check mark inside a box – in 2016, as well as a ballot box emoji with the hashtags #ElectionDay and #Election2016. Unlike regular emojis, Twitter’s hashtag emojis generally exist for a limited period of time surrounding a special event.
“Israelis are using Twitter more than ever to discuss what is happening and this emoji makes those conversations all the more colorful and engaging,” said Sinéad McSweeney, Twitter’s vice president for public policy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.