A great deal

Cafe Europa offers a new tapas and cocktails meal at very affordable prices.

Cafe Europa (photo credit: ANATOLY MICHAELO)
Cafe Europa
(photo credit: ANATOLY MICHAELO)
Cafe Europa is without a doubt one of Tel Aviv’s hippest spots. Located at the beginning of Rothschild Boulevard near Neve Tzedek, Cafe Europa houses what used to be a home for one of the more affluent families early in the city’s history. The main sitting area (in fact the only seating area other than the bar) is under the tree in the courtyard, walled between two buildings.
There is also an excellent cocktail bar on the second floor that is worth exploring if you come here late in the evening.
Cafe Europa is a typical Tel Aviv place – loose and relaxed, reflecting the city’s vibe, with groups wandering in straight from work or from the beach, with or without kids and pets. But make no mistake – the food is anything but “loose.” In fact, it is carefully prepared with the utmost attention and fresh, quality ingredients.
The cuisine is an eclectic Israeli fusion of Spanish-French-Mexican-Asian and everything in-between. Yet somehow it all works.
For this summer, Cafe Europa offers a great happy-hour deal. “Aperitivo Spritz – Early Dinner Pinchos and Spritz” is a meal served from 5p.m.-7 p.m. and it is indeed a great deal.
“Pinchos and Spritz” includes a selection of small tapas (pinchos or pintxo in Spanish) priced at NIS 10 each. The “Aperitivo” part of the deal is a selection of innovative light cocktails priced around NIS 20-24 each. Compared to local prices it’s a fantastic deal. 
We strolled in on a hot summer afternoon thinking it would probably be too humid and hot to sit outside. However, outside here is the only option and with the help of strategically located large fans it was just perfect. In fact, I preferred it to the overly cold air conditioning in many other places.
After a short discussion with the lovely host who explained the menu and cocktail menu, a decision was made: the Saint Germain cocktail for me and the Celery for him. My cocktail was based on the French liqueur with the same name, tequila and Martini Bianco. It was light, not very alcoholic and very refreshing. My drinks companion who wanted something a little stronger got the green Celery cocktail based on celery syrup with gin, lemon and soda. It was delicious and despite the higher alcohol level also very refreshing. Another cocktail we tried at the end of the meal was the Fruit Lime, made of Amaro Montenegro, Chambord Liqueur and ginger ale. This drink was little sweeter but still very refreshing.
Small dishes started appearing to begin our meal, one after the other, each different and all very satisfying. There were dishes of fried okra with chili; fried artichokes with labaneh; a home-baked toasted half-bun with anchovies, tomato and mozzarella cheese; tomato and Jamón; melon with thinly sliced prosciutto; fried padrone peppers with crème; fresh zucchini salad with nuts and red onion; Cuban style grilled corn on the cob; focaccia with confit of garlic; two perfectly fried tempura shrimps; grilled salmon yakitori and a few more dishes. My guess is that these delicacies might change from day to day according to what is available. Every single dish was delicious and light and perfect for the time and place. The dishes are small but still enough to share between two diners.
Cafe Europa is a perfect meeting place for after-work drinks, a light sharing menu, or early dinner with friends.
So if you are in the neighborhood and looking for a cool meet-up at cocktail hour, this is definitely a perfect choice.
Cafe Europa
Not kosher
Rothschild Blvd. 9B, Tel Aviv
Sun-Thur: from 5 p.m.
Fri-Sat: 11:30 a.m.-2 a.m.
Ph: 03-525-9987 or ontopo.co.il for reservations