After the holidays

Doesn’t it feel good to be back to normal? Now is the time to put your feet up and embrace the (slightly) cooler weather.

For the dry season  (photo credit: Courtesy)
For the dry season
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Doesn’t it feel good to be back to normal? Now is the time to put your feet up and embrace the (slightly) cooler weather. This week, pay attention to new mens’ products, pamper yourself with a niche perfume and protect your skin
Quenches the skin
Perfect for this time of year – when the heat is still on, but the humidity is a little bit lower. The new Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream by Kiehl’s is rich with concentrated Calendula Serum and is suitable for normal-to-oily skin. Inspired by the company’s Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, this weightless water cream contains concentrated Calendula Flower Extract and hundreds of micronized Calendula petals. Upon application, this unique, lightweight moisturizer provides a burst of soothing hydration for fresh, radiant skin. Use it for a week, say the company’s experts, and the cream will visibly even skin tone and boost radiance. In two weeks, it will help visibly reduce redness, improve uneven texture, dull skin and dry fine lines, softening skin immediately with lasting 24-hour hydration. I love it! NIS 219 for 50 ml. and NIS 339 for 100 ml. available in Kiehl’s stores in shopping malls.
For men who care
L’oreal Paris launched a new line of products for men – Men Expert, offering high-quality skin care, beard care, deodorant and shower gel specifically designed for men. Harnessing the power of hard-working ingredients, combined with advanced science and expert research into men’s skin – the company launched six different lines to suit different needs. With international presenters such as singer-song writer Adam Noah Levine (Maroon 5), and actor Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Game of Thrones), the products marketed here, priced between NIS 21.90 and NIS 54.90, were specifically adjusted to suit the needs of Israeli men. In the collection, there are the basic products such as hydrating and cleansing gels, hydrating creams, Barber Club beard-grooming products and Pure Charcoal line for treating blackheads and other imperfections.
Naturally good for you
Visiting the duty-free shops during the holidays, I came across a new and exclusive Israeli cosmetic brand called Liv Unique. The brand boasts using only vegan and organic ingredients in their anti-aging products. The molecular, active ingredients are highly concentrated and microencapsulated, and are thus kept fresh until used. The brand boasts using ingredients that were clinically proven to be effective, among them stem cells of a Swiss apple tree trunk, soy bean growth hormones and an active vitamin C molecule, combined with a new molecular-injecting technique that delivers the active ingredients directly into the skin cells. Among the items now available at duty-free shops are detox cleanser ($32), pure vitamin E anti-oxidant ($64), face- and neck-lifting serum ($79.90), multivitamin moisturizing cream ($79.90). Lifting eye complex ($79.90) and an invigorating coffee peeling scrub for the body ($39.90). My star product is the vitamin E pure anti-oxidant that can be used when and where needed, to treat scars, very dry spots, or mixed with your regular serum or moisturizer for intensive care ($64).
Professional cosmetics company Gigi has added new and fantastic products to its popular Citynap line that focus on battling environmental damage to the skin, especially for those living in the city. The new products – a hydrating spray and a serum – join the day cream, night cream peeling soap and sleeping mask already in the collection. The Fresh Water Mist instantly refreshes the skin, adding energy and vitality. The mist absorbs quickly and acts as a makeup primer or as a refresher during the day. Enriched with vitamins, anti-oxidants and calming herbals, the spray also has a complex of rich minerals and vitamins that provides protection from pollution, sun radiation and free radicals. NIS 159 for 100 ml., available only at licensed beauticians, call (03) 925-8888.
The scent of love
The James Richardson duty-free shops are launching a new fragrance for women from the line of Pierre Montale, a name most of us have never heard before, because it belongs to the newest trend in the perfumery world – niche perfumes. These are small producers of luxurious scents that are sold in small batches and therefore are unique and not very common. Inspired by the beauty and hidden secrets of the East, Pierre Montale composes his scents with materials such as rose, incense, amber, cedar, precious woods and a thousand other wonderful scents like happy ointments or love potions. The new perfume – Pure Love – is described as luminous, tenderly woody, spicy and leathery. The powerful scent of rose blends effortlessly with the sophisticated scent of sandalwood and vetiver, and everything softened by a subtle touch of ambergris, vanilla and leather. An astonishing composition resonating with love and harmony. $163, available only at James Richardson duty-free shops.
A no-nonsense bag
A well-made backpack always comes in handy – and I found one that answers all the main points: it is comfortable, with adjustable, padded straps and padded back; has a large, main compartment that holds everything, as well as two side pockets and a front pocket; and it comes in a variety of colors. Available at the Tik Hatikim chain, NIS 99.
For the dry season
If you suffer from dry lips, especially in the fall and winter – Vaseline has launched new scents for its mini-lip balm jars. The iconic lip balm by Vaseline is available now in mini jars that will fit in your pocket or small purse. And the flavors are lip-smacking, including rose, cocoa butter and Crème Brulee – and of course the all-time classic original.