Stay safe: What to buy during COVID-19

This week get acquainted with new local spirits, discover the new nose-spray that kills viruses, choose a new red lipstick and make sure you choose eco-friendly products.

 Ruby Woo. (photo credit: M.A.C)
Ruby Woo.
(photo credit: M.A.C)

Yes, the corona is still very much a part of our lives and we need to be cautious and stay away from crowds. But we can still celebrate with the trees on Tu Bishvat and enjoy happy moments with close family and friends.

This week get acquainted with new local spirits, discover the new nose-spray that kills viruses, choose a new red lipstick and make sure you choose eco-friendly products. Let’s go!

 Ruby Woo lipstick. (credit: M.A.C) Ruby Woo lipstick. (credit: M.A.C)
Red hot and perfect

The iconic lipstick by M.A.C, Ruby Woo, is now a collection. Created for those of us who love red lips, the Ruby Woo perfect shade is now available as a collection, Ruby Crew, of four different texture lipsticks all in the same perfect shade.

The new variations – Powder Kiss and Liquid lip color are both long-wear and excellent when you need to wear a face mask. Try the new Retro Matte lipstick at NIS 99 or the Liquid Matte for NIS 119. Available online at and in stores.

 Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum. (credit: CLINIQUE) Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum. (credit: CLINIQUE)
It works!

From time to time we hear about real breakthroughs in the world of cosmetics, and the new Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum may just be that product. Good for all skin types, this trailblazer advanced anti-aging serum does feel different.

Designed with an expert panel of scientists and dermatologists, the company says that the cutting-edge formula is super-concentrated with anti-aging specialists, including Clinique’s peptide-rich blend, laser focus complex, plus potent retinoid and hyaluronic acid.

The formula was engineered, say the experts, to outsmart all types of wrinkles in three ways: repairing, resurfacing and re-plumping skin, boosting natural collagen production in the skin, smoothing the skin and hydrating it.

We tried it and skin does seem to be visibly rejuvenated and more supple to the touch. So this must be our new miracle serum for 2022.

Use a small amount twice a day on clean skin NIS 369 for 30 ml. and NIS 499 for 50 ml. Available in pharmacies as well as online at

Don’t leave home without it

In time for the new and alarming Omicron variant, the new anti-viral nose spray Enovid, based on nitric oxide is just what we need. Produced in Canada by SanOtize, the innovative nose spray was lab-tested and proven to kill 99% of all viruses within two minutes. The results of the clinical tests were published in the British Journal of Infection, and they attest that the new nasal spray managed to reduce the viral infection in people who were tested positive for COVID-19, by 95% within 24 hours and 99% within 72 hours. So it not only protects but also helps fight the viral infection.

I use it whenever I need to take a bus or a train, or walk through crowded streets and shopping malls. It gives me a sense of protection. I also give it to friends and family who need to fly abroad. Safe for use from age 12. NIS 139, available in pharmacies or online at

 Kleenex Ultra Soft. (credit: KLEENEX) Kleenex Ultra Soft. (credit: KLEENEX)
Softer than ever

Kleenex launches new ideas every summer and their recent tissue Kleenex Ultra Soft is softer and smoother than ever. I hope that wearing a facial mask and taking the vaccine will keep the flu away this year but just in case I got a couple of pretty boxes of the new three-layer tissue ready in the closet. I love it. Stay safe.

 Vermead. (credit: Moli) Vermead. (credit: Moli)
Honey and herbs

New and perfect for the holiday of the trees (Tu Bishvat), local distillery Moli, introduced a new drink – Vermead, a combination of Vermouth and Mead (honey wine). This is a fascinating experimental distillery from owners Eyal Drori and Gal Arazi, who continuously look for local ingredients to create drinks inspired by our history. Mead is probably the oldest known alcoholic drink made from honey, in this case honey produced in the Negev, and the local vermouth is made from 40 different ingredients, including the Negev sage, all collected locally. Excellent balance between sweetness and bitterness, the new Vermead is available online at and NIS 139 for 500 ml.

 Bombay Sapphire Gin. (credit: DANIEL LAYLA) Bombay Sapphire Gin. (credit: DANIEL LAYLA)
Bombay Gin Garden

Tu Bishvat is as good a reason as any to enjoy a gin cocktail, and importers of Bombay Sapphire Gin to Israel joined forces with Bar Shira – a mixologist from the Imperial Group – and Aleh Aleh farmers to create a limited edition planting kit to be planted in honor of Tu Bishvat – complete with herbs that will help you create your next cocktail. Available as of this week, there are three kits: Spicy, Citrus and Floral, all containing a designed planter, recipe, plants and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire as well as mixers. Love the idea! Available online at or at the Bushwick Bar Tel Aviv.

 Plomari ouzo. (credit: Assi Levy) Plomari ouzo. (credit: Assi Levy)
The Greek style

Ouzo is definitely an acquired taste that we have grown to appreciate in recent years, and one of the best Ouzos we can get here is Plomari, from the Thomopoulos Distillery located on the Greek Island of Lesvos. Combining tradition with modern technology, it is a fine ouzo that is great in cocktails, with water and ice or as a shot. For the New Year celebrations they introduced a limited edition gift box that includes a ceramic model of a traditional Greek house. Cute and Kosher. NIS 78. Available at Tiv Ta’am stores and online at

 Lilibloom underwear. (credit: YUVAL AREL) Lilibloom underwear. (credit: YUVAL AREL)

Lilibloom, a brand that specializes in underwear, launched a local online store offering organic cotton underwear that also holds a certificate of Fair Trade. Organic cotton is one of the buzzwords of the fashion world in recent years and Lilibloom checks all the boxes, offering soft, comfortable undies in many different designs and basic colors of black, white and soft pastels. I love them. NIS 42 for a pair.

 Ecolove. (credit: DAN LEV) Ecolove. (credit: DAN LEV)
Naturally good

Our favorite local ecological brand, Ecolove by OrganicZone, launched for Tu Bishvat a new collection based on nuts. Intended for damaged hair, the collection includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, all enriched with organic nut oils such as macadamia, shea and argan oil. NIS 44.90, the products are available in Nature shops and pharmacies as well as online.

Versace Eros. (credit: Versace)Versace Eros. (credit: Versace)
Very manly

Does your partner need an ego boost? The new men’s perfume by Versace Eros, may be just what he needs to help fight the winter blues. Heroic and romantic, the new scent created by Donatella Versace presents a combination of fresh citrus notes together with alluring vetiver, patchouli, lavender, vanilla and mystic cedar. Very sexy. NIS 399.

 Alternative cheese. (credit: Tnuva) Alternative cheese. (credit: Tnuva)
Say faux-cheese

New from Tnuva’s Alternative line, a vegan soy-based yellow “cheese” was very welcomed by our vegan family member. Always on the lookout for vegan products, this is Tnuva’s first faux cheese, and it is offered in two flavors, classic and with olives, both very popular. The new product is enriched with 4 gr. of protein and 400 gr. of calcium for each 90 mg. slice. Try it.

 Dorco's Pace 6 Plus razor. (credit: Dorco) Dorco's Pace 6 Plus razor. (credit: Dorco)
Easy shaving

Dorco, a leading shaving razors’ brand, introduced a new handle for their excellent Pace 6 Plus razor, which adapts itself to the face’s curves, offering a better and smoother shaving experience. A set of razors including the handle and 8 Pace 6 blades is now offered at NIS 80, including free home delivery. Also from the same brand, the new razor is now available also for women. Following a year of development, the new razor has 6 blades and the handle allows users to easily follow the body’s contours. The price is right too, only NIS 29 for the razor and NIS 38 for a pack of 4 blades.

 PiZZi Splash speaker. (credit: GOLD FISH STUDIO) PiZZi Splash speaker. (credit: GOLD FISH STUDIO)
If you like to sing in the shower

So you like to listen to music while bathing? The new PiZZi Splash speaker is safe to use in the bathroom as well as out when it is raining. With excellent sound quality and a pretty design, this small speaker was quickly adopted by a 10-year-old music lover who loves singing along in the shower. We like it too. With Bluetooth technology, the small speaker provides up to 10 hours of music before you need to charge it and you can connect your phone and answer phone calls. Perfect. Available in black and the price starts at NIS 219. Available online and in gift shops.

 CIndy Goeta Judaica artwork kit. (credit: My Jewish Art) CIndy Goeta Judaica artwork kit. (credit: My Jewish Art)
Paint Judaica by numbers

Cindy Goeta has created Judaica paint-by-number artwork kits after works by famous Jewish artists. The kit allows children and adults to paint beloved artwork on canvas and then hang it at home. A perfect activity for the winter, it is both a relaxing and somewhat addictive activity that helps develop fine motor skills for both the youngest and oldest members of the family. With the DIY kits, you can gain experience and self-confidence by following the numbered patterns of rabbis, dancing hassidim, Bible verses and landscapes of our holy cities. Find it at or on Facebook at My Jewish Art painting by number. Kits begin at NIS 99. Right now they are on clearance so if you buy two, you’ll get the third for only NIS 39. Enjoy!

 Uncio vacuum. (credit: Nadav Arieli) Uncio vacuum. (credit: Nadav Arieli)
Introducing advanced electronics

Unico is a new electric company that presents innovative upscale brands such as Steamery, Tineco and Valera. If these names do not mean a lot to you, check them out. They are all of leading international companies and the range of products is astounding, including Tineco’s leading vacuum cleaners that surpass all others, including more expensive ones. Sweden’s Steamery – care for fashion, which produces everything you need for your washing from specialized soaps to steam vertical irons that I am dyeing to put my hands on. Their newest and greatest vacuum Pure One S 12 by Tineco will sell here for NIS 2,590. Can’t wait for my old one to break so I can get it. Another product I dream about is the Steamery vertical Cirrus 2 iron, NIS 690, that I haven’t tried at home but from the presentation it looks amazing. I did try the company’s Pilo Fabric Shaver (NIS 229) and it really gives new life to old sweaters and coats. Try it. The products are available in electronics stores such as Mahsaney Hashmal, Big Electric as well as in online stores.