How did TAU International prepare you for your career in Conflict Resolution?

'In Israel, you learn from experts on the ground who are working in this area every day'.


Mia Levy Israel MA International Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program
 photo credit: COURTESY

Mia Levy, a recent graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Master’s program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, says that the skills she learned as a student at TAU have served her well in her chosen field of international relations and conflict resolution. Mia is now working at EcoPeace, a regional and environmental peace-building organization in the Middle East.

Mia says she learned about conflict resolution on both the macro and micro levels. On the macro level, she learned about water diplomacy and the different ways that officials and stakeholders meet. “On a micro level,” she says, “we learned how to mediate and negotiate. At the conclusion of the program, I received certification in international mediation. I loved the program!”

At one point, Mia was considering studying in the United States, but she chose TAU because of the practical experience that she could gain in Israel. “Here, you learn from experts on the ground who are working in this area every day,” she says. “We went on field trips and visited the separation wall and the Gaza border. You will get the ability to take what you learn in class and apply it to the real world.”

The TAU International program offered an internship in the second semester, and Mia says that the TAU team helped her arrange an internship with the Alliance for Middle East Peace, which she says, “showed me the ropes of everything going on, and helped in getting my current position.” Maya received an additional internship with the United States Agency for International Development, which also provided valuable experience.

 Today, Maya is working with EcoPeace, a trilateral organization with offices in Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Amman that deals with water scarcity issues and environmental issues. She enjoys her behind-the-scenes work writing reports and reaching out to international stakeholders.

Maya would ultimately like to work for the US government in international conflict resolution and says that her degree from Tel Aviv University has set her on her career path.