Afghanistan's Taliban mediate ceasefire between Pakistan, local militants

A TTP statement on Wednesday also confirmed that talks were underway in Kabul and that a ceasefire has been put in place will May 30.


How did TAU International prepare you for your career in Conflict Resolution?

'In Israel, you learn from experts on the ground who are working in this area every day'.

'Third-party peacemakers': A Jewish manual for mediation - review

While a scholarly book, it is also intended for rabbis, educators and laypeople, as well as conflict resolution practitioners.


Should Israel be the mediator for Russia and Ukraine? - analysis

Israel might benefit from its ambiguity - or might lose and lose big time.


Pfizer sells its hametz for Passover

After providing millions of vaccines to Israel, Jewish CEO of Pfizer Dr. Albert Bourla decided it was only fair to participate in the Jewish tradition before Passover.

Newly elected Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus att

WHO report reviews 10 years of anti-malarial drug resistance

Because of the small amount of available treatments, anti-malarial drug resistance is a significant threat.


Drug touted by Trump as COVID-19 treatment tied to increased risk of death

Demand for decades-old hydroxychloroquine has surged as Trump repeatedly pushed for its use against the coronavirus, urging people to try it. "What have you got to lose," he said.

Pregnant woman (Illustrative)

Fertility treatments to return, women under 35 excluded

The process will begin with women above the age of 39, as well as fertility treatments that do not involve surgical procedures for women over 35.

Coronavirus drug to be tested on patients in Israel

XPOVIO was developed for treating patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma and is already FDA approved for this purpose.

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