Helpi Volunteer Platform launches the corporate volunteer award

Three leading companies in social action: Denya Group, Kornit Digital, and Meitar Law Offices

 Helpi Volunteer platform (photo credit: Helpi)
Helpi Volunteer platform
(photo credit: Helpi)

As a leader in the volunteering field in Israel’s business sector, Helpi is launching the annual corporate volunteer award to celebrate the work of companies that volunteer, thus increasing the circle of solidarity in the business sector, recognizing the integral role that volunteering plays with companies in Israel and around the world, and its importance in the area of corporate responsibility which has assumed a vital role in the social-economic agenda.

The volunteer badge, which was launched after researching and processing the volunteering data of the companies through Helpi, will be awarded once a year to the association’s partner companies that promote volunteering throughout the year, divided into three groups: ‘Change Maker,’ ‘Community Leader’ and ‘Social Partner.’

 The type of award presented to the company is determined by characteristics that reflect the degree of social involvement of the company and its employees through the platform and include the following criteria: consistency throughout the year, the number of volunteers, volunteer hours during the year based on the number of employees, circles of influence and more.

The Change Maker category includes a combination of a large number of volunteer hours, volunteer continuity throughout the year, and assistance to various populations. The Community Leader category consists of a large amount of volunteer time and continuous volunteer activity throughout the year, and the Social Partner category includes participating in volunteer activities throughout the year.

Helpi unveiled the ranking of the leading companies in social action for 2021, with the Danya Cebus Group leading the Change Maker category, followed by Kornit Digital in second place and the Mimun Yashir insurance company in third place. Also among the leading companies in the area of social action are the Waxman Govrin Geva engineering company, the Meitar law firm and the Tidhar construction company.

Guy Geva, Chairman of Helpi and Chariman of Waxman-Govrin-Geva engineering:

“We are witnessing a trend in which social action has become part of the day-to-day life of many companies in the Israeli economy, with the need for significant volunteering now coming from employees and not just companies. The Corporate Volunteer Award  that Helpi has launched helps companies strengthen their contribution to the community and improve their branding that has become an essential component in any organization.”